Portfolio Attestation

“Having an online portal for the attestations formalized an otherwise informal (or for some companies, absent) process; and reinforced the importance of the quarterly reports. So the main benefit was to communicate to the company management teams that compliance is important (“corporate is paying attention”).”

Operating Partner, PE Firm

What is Portfolio Attestation?

Complyify’s Portfolio Attestation tool provides private equity or other investment companies with a better way to collect and analyze portfolio company operational risk and adherence to fund mandated operational controls.  It allows PE firms to reinforce the expectations set forth in the operating agreement at the time of investment or acquisition.

Simple and Flexible Compliance Report Creation
Streamline the process for your portco’s recurring reports and ensure that key actions and decisions made by your portfolio companies have obtained the necessary approvals.

Assess Portfolio Level Risks
Drive actionable insights into operational risks across your portfolio over time through Complyify’s Quarterly Report review tools and interactive dashboards.

Keep Security A Top Of Mind Concern
Sensitive information should not belong in email. Complyify’s multi-factor secure web interface allows your portfolio companies to safely upload documents and provide other sensitive information to your stakeholders along with their signed report attestations.

Easy and Intuitive Hosted Solution
No training programs. No setup. Your clients can get started instantly with Complyify’s fully-managed hosted SaaS solution.

Automate Communications
Define the terms of your engagements and we will do the rest. Complyify’s tool will handle the dispatch of Quarterly Reports to your Portfolio Companies and automated email messaging will help ensure timely collection of attestations.

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Custom portals for compliance, attestation and risk assessment.