HIPAA Compliance

What the HIPAA Security Rule lacks in specificity, it makes up for in burden for US healthcare providers and their service providers. The US Department of Health and Human Services routinely hands down multi-million dollar fines for companies that have failed to implement a hipaa compliance and risk management system or cannot demonstrate reasonable efforts were taken to avoid a data breach.

The HITRUST Alliance is a commercial entity behind the HITRUST Common Security Framework: a prescriptive set of security controls often used in the healthcare industry to ensure compliance with HIPAA.

Complyify helps your company continually assess risk to electronic patient health records, implement a continual hipaa compliance management program, and —optionally—meet the prescriptive standards of the HITRUST CSF.

If you are in the healthcare space, it’s likely you are either directly obligated to comply with HIPAA or are subject to it through a Business Associate Agreement you’ve signed with your healthcare customers.

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