ESG Tracking

What is ESG tracking?

In essence Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) is information about a company’s operations with regards to the three sections of ESG.  It can be data based as well as a narrative description of where a company stands as well as where it is headed.

Environmental – Describes the company’s impact on the environment and resources.

Social – Describes the way that the company approaches certain areas such as diversity, pay equality, non-discrimination.

Governance – Describes the controls that a company has put in place to address areas such as board diversity, internal controls, bribery and corruption and other areas that boards and investors typically focus on.

Historically companies would handle ESG tracking internally, but lately it is more common that many other parties want to apprised of where a company stands on these topics.

Complyify simplifies ESG tracking

The area of tracking ESG can sometimes be difficult as there are several different standards.  There are frameworks such as the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI), the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), SSE and others which have put metrics and a framework in place to help companies put the concept of standardized measurement in place.  Complyify’s tool helps companies incorporate these frameworks while giving flexibility to other areas of concern that might not be part of the standard.  By using the platform companies can keep a timeline record of their progress and status on their ESG principles.

Use our pre-built ESG template or create your own

Companies have complete flexibility when it comes to using our pre-built templates for tracking ESG or creating their own.  We enable companies to choose the right questions and tracking to enable them to reach their ESG goals.

Export results to PDF for boards and other stakeholders

It is becoming more and more common to see ESG reporting packages as part of investor or board materials.  Once you capture the data on the Complyify platform you can easily export all of the results to a PDF for inclusion with investor presentations or quarterly board meetings.

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