Security Assessors

Recognizing that security is a multi-party problem, we built Complyify from the ground-up to facilitate collaboration between organizations, service providers, and assessors.


How is Complyify different from other GRC tools?

Existing GRC tools are purpose built for large enterprises with an army of risk management professionals. We, on the other hand, are hyper-focused on helping small-to-mid-sized organizations manage their cybersecurity risk — without expecting them to be security and compliance experts.

Extensive Reporting

Dashboards and reports are available and targeted at all levels from the board to individual contributors.  Assessor-specific reports illuminate the assessment process for all parties.

Schedule a demo

See our product in action with your own private demo.  During the live demo we will cover key functionality plus additional features you want to delve into.  Pick a date and a time now, and let us know what is most important to you.

The easiest way to measure and manage cybersecurity risk and compliance.