Custom Portals for Compliance, Risk Assessment and ESG Tracking

Complyify helps by providing you tools that help your team measure risk, manage objectives and prepare for audits.

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Security Assessors

Complyify works with security assessors to create a customized white label solution to help track security controls and make audits easier.

Accounting Firms

Complyify helps accounting firms by working with them to customize a SOC2 template to be used for client audits.

ESG Tracking

Complyify has created a tool that makes ESG tracking easier.  With the increasing importance of Environment, Social and Governance rules, a good tool to collect data is vital.

Private Equity

Complyify has created a completely customizable platform custom built to help alternative investment firms track the quarterly attestation / compliance of their portfolio companies.

You choose – custom solution or use our existing platform.

Most RegTech or cyber security tracking platforms are “one-size-fits-all” or just a “check-list” in a browser.  No two companies operate the same way.  Complyify solves this problem.  We take our proprietary platform and customize it for your exact needs or you can use our built out tools without customization.  You get to choose the best solution for your business.


You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Complyify’s risk dashboards gives stakeholders an easily digestible snapshot of all pertinent data they want to see at a glance.


Many companies today face an onslaught of customer and partner security questionnaires that impede sales and drain your resources. Complyify helps you communicate the quality and nature of your customers and prospects.


Assessments and discovery are unnecessarily disruptive to your business.  Complyify puts and end to time wasted digging up documents, data, and evidence for your assessor. Saving both parties time and money.

PCI Compliance Dashboard

Custom portals for compliance, attestation, ESG tracking and risk assessment.