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Hope is not a cyber security strategy

Complyify helps your team measure cyber risk, manage security objectives, and prepare for audits. No compliance expertise required.

  • Automate your cyber security strategy
  • Assess your cyber risk levels continually
  • Assert your compliance with confidence
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Cover Your Assets

Scrambling to manufacture a compliant environment just in time for the annual audit? You're not alone. 80% of businesses fail to maintain a consistent security posture between annual assessments. Complyify helps you break the cycle so you can get compliant, stay compliant, and rest easy knowing you have an objective handle on your security posture.

Measure Your Compliance

You can't manage what you can't measure. Complyify's risk dashboards gives stakeholders an easily digestible snapshot of your compliance and risk posture.

  • Complyify Security Quotient -- your "credit score" for cyber security
  • Top risks to your business
  • Top performing security controls
  • Report card for each business unit

Your Guided Compliance Journey

Keep your team focused on delivering for your business, not learning and administering a compliance program. Complyify's automated compliance engine builds a custom security program unique for your company.

  • Discover your company's regulatory obligations
  • Build a security program tailored to your business
  • Assign security responsibilities to your teams
  • Centrally track and manage team performance

Continually Automated Compliance

No need to slow down the pace of your business to meet your security objectives. Complyify integrates with your existing technology platforms and software to automatically detect compliance gaps and recommend solutions.

  • Automated compliance monitoring for Amazon Web Services
  • Leverage existing IT management processes with ServiceNow
  • Customize your compliance automation with our public API

Fear No Audit

Assessments and discovery are unnecessarily disruptive to your business. Complyify puts an end to time wasted digging up documents, data, and evidence for your assessor. Approach assessments with confidence that you'll receive an ideal outcome and the full insight into how your assessments are going.

  • Assessor Darkroom ensures your assessor only sees what you choose to share
  • Scope Evaluation gets you and your assessor aligned on the scope of the review
  • Assessors can request evidence and Complyify will recommend appropriate documents and warn of possible assessment issues before sharing

Assert Your Compliance with Confidence

Many company's today face an onslaught of customer and partner security questionnaires that impede sales and drain your resources. Complyify helps you communicate the quality and nature of your security controls to your customers, prospects.

  • Complyify-verified security achievements
  • Share compliance summaries publicly or privately


Automated Compliance Checks


IT Assets Covered


Risks Detected & Resolved